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Caving Safety

For Emergency situations phone 911

See FAQs

For Additional Information on Caving Safety contact: Tom Griffin of TriState Grotto


Caving Safety

In an emergency contact your local emergency services (911)
The Eastern Region of the NCRC uses the Virginia Department of Emergency Management as a primary contact point for local authorities to obtain regional resources.  If you have a cave rescue emergency please contact the local emergency services and also recommend to them to contact regional resources through the VADEM.  This is available in the following states.

Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina


Virginia Department of Emergency Management: 1-800-468-8892

Use for Cave Rescue emergencies ONLY and ONLY by Responsible Agencies.



Our CAVE RESCUE regional coordinator is Jeff Good,
 Home Phone 504-828-3415  Cell 540-820-9479  Email : Eastern@NCRC.info


Welcome to the Tri State Grotto Safety Page. I have been asked to Chair the Saftey program, so if there is information you are looking for please email me at A1TopCatDesign@aol.com . My goal is to place a new massage every month. When I have a new message I will put ot out on TSG.all email so you will know to go to www.tristategrotto.com to check it out.

I recently asked those of the Tri State Grotto to fill out a survey for those that may be available for a cave rescue call out. With many there is experience. If you’re not sure what cavers on a rescue may be looking for go to the NCRC site and see the basic skills.
 Copy and paste      http://caves.org/commission/ncrc/national/
National Cave Rescue Commission, go to student resource, then click on Level 1 Student Preparation Guide
It was asked of me , "What goes into a cave pack?" I will send out a survey to TSG.all and ask the question. I will then post it under the safety section. 

Here’s a question – What do you think an aluminum carabiner will hold if the gate is unlocked? Let's say it’s a 24 KN .


What is the weight of 1 kilonewton or KN ?




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